What is the Thin Mint Challenge?

Together with the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, Annapolis attorney and Maryland lobbyist Bryson Popham, along with several of his professional colleagues, have undertaken a special response to the Covid-19 crisis. 

Click HERE to watch WBAL Channel 11 story coverage for the Thin Mint Challenge Campaign.

In addition to their normal duties advocating to Maryland legislators on various issues, this group has formed its own public policy initiative – The Thin Mint Challenge.  Each member of the group has committed to make a contribution to the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland for the purchase of Girl Scout cookies (preferably Thin Mints) so that Maryland families visiting our food banks in the state will each receive a box of Girl Scout cookies when they visit.

How the Challenge Started

After the crisis began, Bryson Popham purchased 75 boxes of Thin Mint cookies to give to the Anne Arundel Food Bank.  Realizing that more could and should be done, Popham extended a challenge to several of his colleagues, who are also Maryland lobbyists, to match his contribution.  Readily accepting the challenge were other Maryland lobbyists Steve Wise of Schwartz, Metz & Wise, P.A., Marta Harting of Venable LLP, Hayley and Gerry Evans of Evans & Associates and Drew Cobbs of The Maryland Petroleum Council.  Their acceptance of the Challenge guarantees that several hundred boxes are initially available for the Thin Mint Challenge campaign.

Regarding Thin Mints specifically and Girl Scout cookies generally, Popham strongly  believes in the therapeutic value of chocolate to relieve emotional stress, saying, “There is no form of chocolate superior to Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. For families visiting their local food bank, finding a box of Girl Scout cookies in their parcel will surely bring a smile to the faces of both parents and children.”

The Campaign

Those who have accepted the Thin Mint Challenge now extend it to all other Maryland lobbyists, to former Maryland lobbyists, to any person who has every thought of being a lobbyist, and to anyone who knows a Maryland lobbyist. 

If you are visiting this website, you automatically qualify to accept the Thin Mint Challenge!

How You Can Help

It’s simple.  Just click on the link at the bottom of this page and you will be connected to the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland website for your next steps.  After providing some basic information, you can choose the amount you wish to donate and where you would like your donation to be delivered – the Anne Arundel Food Bank or the Maryland Food Bank.  If you have a specific community or area in Maryland to which you wish to direct your contribution, the Maryland Food Bank will be notified of your preference.  Although there is no minimum contribution, we hope that you will consider matching the founding contributions of 75 boxes at $4/box for a total of $300. 

How Long Will the Campaign Run?

The campaign officially begins on June 1st, 2020, and will run through the 4th of July.  We will report our progress weekly on this website.

Progress to Date!
1,054 Boxes

Click https://www.gscm.org/en/product-sales/thinmintchallenge.html to take the Challenge!

Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Contact:
Danita Terry at dterry@gscm.org